My Favorite is the Karma Mellowl. So creamy and melts in your mouth. Just the right size to indulge in. My kids love it too! It's their excuse to have something sweet they tell me its good for them cause it's Brain Food! I'm just happy they are not reaching for the dairy crap!
This chocolate is the BEST Non-dark chocolate I have ever tried. It tastes like a ginger-snap, graham cracker, turmeric, vanilla almond explosion in your mouth! The layers of flavor continue to unfold as it melts. When I give it to people, I make them stop, close their eyes and get lost in the unfolding flavors as they eat it. It is that good. And it's also good for you and stuff. Brain power.
six each of the three delicious bars. No matter what I'm in the mood for, or when I want to give someone a perfect little gift, or when nothing will do but the magical medicine of Yes! Cacao, having at least one variety pack on hand is a must.
The flavors are so unique tasting. My first thought when I received the bars was that they were a bit small. But once I tasted them, it's definitely a quality of flavor that I have not yet experienced with cacao bars. I love that I can taste all the superfood ingredients in the bars. The flavors just keep on going and going!
Each is very unique in flavor and all are so delicious. I love YES CaCao bars so much we are on autoship to make sure we never run out.
Amazing stuff! Can feel the intentionality and deep medicine of the chocolate and herbs with each bite.
Dirty Chocolate is my go to bar. I eat one or a least a nibble of one every day. The chocolate gives me a groundedness and sense of well being.
I shared my bars with a few of my family members and the first thing they notices was the cool package design, which helps identify each bar's personality. I can't say I have a favorite. I like them all at different times through out the day. I do however, require more brain food them the others. I don't mind one bit eating Karma Mellowl two or three times a day.
My first order was a variety pack and one order of 3 Dirty bars. I was so surprised how much I enjoyed all three flavors, I then ordered 3 Gaba Baba bars and 3 Karma Mellowl bars. I'm pretty much thinking I have to get on auto shipment because these bars are not just healthy for you and filled with nutritious quality organic ingredients, I don't like being without them. I love how they spell out "YES" on each square of the bar. Nice touch on making it your own...and your own it is. You won't taste anything out there like it. Unique and rich flavors and so delicious, you'll want one every day!
Amazing to have the ability to try all three flavors--each so unique, and so delicious. Perfect to have the option to choose which to have and experiment with having the bars at different times of day and see how they benefit me.