5 Full Spectrum Holiday Edition Chocolate Bars

5 Full Spectrum Holiday Edition Chocolate Bars

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YES Cacao presents a solution to the rush of the holiday season, a gift of presence for your high vibe family times.

We've curated the ultimate CBD, adaptogen-rich, wild chocolate bar to give your holidays just the right spice.

As always, these bars are CleanAF, with organic certification on the low end of our quality standards. The people who gather these botanicals, the soil they're grown in, and the water that hydrates their roots, are all intentionally developed to continue expanding your YES.


  • Wild Cacao harvested in the Andean jungles of Ecuador. 
  • Bourbon Vanilla from the sacred Waipio Valley in Hawaii.
  • GABA Oolong Tea, family crafted in Taiwan
  • Activated Cannabis derived CBD from Randy's Remedy in California
  • Camu Camu from Peru for Vitamin C
  • Sweetened with Yacon & Monk Fruit for zero glycemic impact.