Custom Chocolate Consultation

How It Works

custom chocolate genie

As the Minister of Chocolate, I have honed the ability to see people in flavors and botanical formulas. Call it a synesthesia of sorts, or call it magic; it's a gift that has opened beautiful doorways for clients.

Consultations are one-on-one. We'll cover the necessary steps in a 60 minute deep dive conversation, which will give me the initial blueprint for your flavor and function direction.

I will procure your custom formula over the following 7-10 days, and create a chocolate for you to consume daily. Our goal is to consume this chocolate and witness your progress and success.

YES Cacao Custom Chocolate Consultations have helped with:

Lowering cholesterol, losing weight, dreaming vividly, digestive health, sleep, memory recall, writing flow-states, extended physical endurance, social inhibition, addiction, heart-warming, love, fertility, and as the perfect immune-boost for pregnancy.

Anything is possible... in chocolate.
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