About The Alchemist

Justin Frank Polgar: The Minister of Chocolate 

Minister of Chocolate

Over the past decade, Justin has been in service of the cacao bean and its many talents, namely as a delivery system for botanicals. In his early adolescence he was exposed to several "forgotten foods", like ginseng and spirulina, that changed the way he felt in his body. This sparked a quest to find more magical botanicals that have beneficial effects on our energy levels. Many of these foods don't taste particularly yummy, BUT he recognized that folding their flavors in to chocolate was highly effective, and more pleasing to the palate.
Focusing his perspective on chocolate innovation, and education in the holistic health and wellness category, Justin has formulated over 50 delicious potions blended into wild harvested chocolate. He personally consumes half a pound of chocolate daily. In true Willy Wonka style and philosophy, he is an inspirational cheerleader for everyone to find their YES.
If you happen to meet Justin on the streets, you may find him singing “YES!”, dancing like a wild child, praising freely, and concocting what he calls Yesology. He is inspired by service to humanity, expansive consciousness, wise friendships, and by his beautiful wife, Zoë, his cosmic son, Orion, and is getting ready to welcome his daughter in the Autumn of 2020 (names are still brewing). He's a fan of ceremonial tea, adventuring to foreign lands, and engaging plant medicine of the old pharmacopoeias. Contact Justin by email at Justin@yescacao.com  











What you see and what you taste is a hand crafted labor of love.
Enjoy and remember..... Make a Wish, then Take a Bite.