Chocolate Powered by Botanicals

We believe in you. We respect that you don’t settle for average chocolate. You’re here because you set your bar high. We're here to pleasure your palate, and introduce you to chocolate as a delivery system.

YES, it’s organic, raw, wild-harvested cacao. YES, it’s blended with function-specific formulas. YES, eat it everyday, benefits are cumulative with regular use.

Dark. Wild Harvested. Cacao.

The Problem with Other Chocolate

Every chocolate company founded in the last 400 years has been selling chocolate short. That’s 20 generations of over promising and under delivering. From monocropping pesticide drenched cacao trees, to loading chocolate with too much over-processed sugar, to exploiting slaves (children included)... all to get you a cheap treat that leaves you feeling empty. The buck stops HERE. YES Cacao is satisfying a hunger for innovation in the chocolate industry:

  • What if chocolate gave you more than just a quick bump in energy, or a short lived pulse of pleasure on your palate?
  • What if you could eat as much chocolate as you wanted, and still look & feel fantastic?
  • What if chocolate was your vehicle to cultivate the mind, body, and nervous system into an optimal playground for joy, productivity, and consciousness?

We are your best tasting solution. Make a wish & take a bite. Snap into your power with YES Cacao Botanical Chocolate®.


Chocolate opens the blood vessels in a process called vasodilation, making it the perfect delivery system for adaptogens, superherbs, and botanical ingredients.

These botanicals have been formulated to produce noticeable effects in your mind, body, and nervous system. Each bar has enough potency for you to experience a shift.

Everything in these bars is beneficial and Clean AF. Even the raw, sundried cane sugar (Clean Cane™) is chalked with minerals and enzymes to optimize bioavailability, and minimize glucose spikes. 100% of our cacao is wild harvested in the jungles of the Andean mountains in Ecuador, nourished by a bajillion microorganisms working in perfect harmony. We do not compromise on quality, ever. The adaptogens, superherbs, & botanicals are 3rd party tested for purity, and personally tested for potency.

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