BLISS OUT Botanical ChocolateĀ®

This is 100% chill out chocolate. When you feel the day pressing up against your comfort zone, cool your jets, take a bite, and relax into your flow state. This formula is all about unwinding the nervous system, quieting the mind, and finding that breath youā€™ve been looking for all day. Safe to enjoy before sleep too.

  • Quiet the Mind
  • Dark and nutty with a hint of vanilla.
    Highlights: GABA, Turmeric, Kava
  • 84% Dark, 18% Botanicals

    Organic Wild Cacao, Bliss Out Formula (Organic Lucuma, Kava, Organic Vanilla Bean, Organic Turmeric Extract (85-95% Curcumin), Organic Coriander, Organic GABA Tea, Wild Blue Lotus Flowers), Organic Wild Cacao Butter, Organic Raw CleanCaneā„¢, Sea Salt
    1.3oz. (36g) eachĀ 
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Make a Wish. Take a Bite.

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