SOURCE FIELD Limited Edition

Flavor: Dark & Warm with a Hint of Ginger

20% Adaptogens
81% Dark Chocolate
Sweetened with Organic Maple and Monk Fruit

Wild Cacao*, Wild Cacao Butter*, Source Field Formula (Yacon*, Lucuma*, Chaga*, Cinnamon*, Mesquite*, Star Anise*, Licorice Root*, Coriander*, Wild USA Pine Needle Tea, Fenugreek*, Sea Salt, Ginger*, Waipio Vanilla*, Clove*, Zeolite, Monk Fruit*, Ionic Zinc MCT*, C60 Olive Oil*, Fennel EO*, Cardamom EO*, Black Pepper EO*, Lemon EO*, Lime EO*, White Pine EO*), Maple Sugar*

The inspiration to create this Limited Edition Botanical Chocolate® came from a conversation with Dr. Bobbi Spur - a world renowned physician and healer based in California and Hawaii. Several months ago, we were discussing the increasing level of toxicity in our environment and the innate genius of our bodies. Since covid started, toxic spike proteins are rampant, but there are several natural strategies to neutralized  & eliminate them from the body. The stack of adaptogens, botanicals, clays, and molecules in the Source Field bar, all aim to assist the body in gentle detoxification. The result is a deliciously healthy, energy enhancing, Clean AF chocolate bar that you can enjoy, knowing you're supporting your immune system.

Make a Wish. Take a Bite.

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