Cacao Paste (also called Liqueur)

Wild harvested from old growth trees in the Ecuadorian jungle. Nourished by nature, bird songs, and a bajillion microorganisms.

Arrives in the form of flat chips for easy use in small quantities. 

Avg. chip is approx. 1" x 1.5" (2.5cm x 4cm) and weighs 8g.

For those who enjoy the diverse complexity and depth of chocolate flavors, this Cacao Paste is a true treat!

*****Zero sugar*****

Suggested Uses:

  • Make Your Own Chocolate Concoctions
  • Hot Chocolate Beverages
  • Smoothies
  • Add to Coffee
  • Add to Oatmeal
  • Nutrient-Dense, High Energy Snack On-The-Go.
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    Make a Wish. Take a Bite.

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