Marching into Meditation

Welcome to the middle of March! This month has momentum, magic, and movement. The Spring Equinox is approaching (Officially celebrated onMarch 20th-22nd), and our bodies are hungry to blossom into better versions of ourselves. This is a biological call patterned into our DNA, and a summoning of consciousness to rise, evolve, and risk breaking throughinto a new you.

Yes Life Tips - Breathing Into YES!

The average American takes 15-20 breaths per minute*. You can count them yourself! It’s fun! AND, I’m willing to bet that as soon as you begin paying attention to your breath, it slows down. Hmmm, what an curious phenomenon! This is the fundamental practice of MEDITATION, and with all this movement and momentum in March, it’s important to take a breather for balance. (inhale) Let’s breathe into… (exhale) YES!

For fun, join me - Nodding Meditation:

  • On the upward direction of your nod, inhale through your nose, bringing your chin to the sky.
  • On the downward direction of your nod, exhale through your mouth, bringing your chin to the chest.
  • Repeat for 10 nods to start. Thank your spine. Smile and say, “Yes.”

We’re all in this together. Every breath is a gift from our ancestors, and we too, are tomorrow’s ancients.

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