October 05, 2015


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Introducing Yes CaCao


May these words fall upon your palette in wonder and joy…

Welcome to the Yes CaCao written blog! We are super excited to share our most delicious revelations in relation to Chocolate!


Yes CaCao produces Cold Pressed Chocolate

This is a revolutionary new style of chocolate, created as an alternative to roasted chocolate. Most every bar you buy in a store, or cafe truffle, or treat in a Halloween goodie bag uses roasted cacao to make their chocolate. We choose Cold Processed Chocolate to maximize nutritional density and develop a more complex, enlightening flavor profile. Much more “bang-for-your-buck” if you will.


Yes CaCao is a Functional Superfood

Each chocolate bar is specifically functional, sourcing ancient formulas from pharmacopoeias around the world and across time.

DIRTY CHOCOLATE is GROUNDING through the bar, into your body, into the earth beneath your feet, and assisting to anchor your intentions.

KARMA MELLOWL is BRAIN FOOD for short-term memory and vision, regenerating synaptic nerve patterns, and reprogramming your paradigm.

GABA BABA is MEDITATION in a bar, calming your mind and body, falling into your natural rhythm of pure confidence.


Yes CaCao tastes like…

The best way to introduce herbs, superfoods, essential oils, flower & gem essences, medicinal mushrooms, exotic dirt, aged teas, and minerals to your everyday eating habits. Chocolate is a vasodilator, meaning it opens your blood vessels to allow greater flow, and more surface area for absorption. Yes CaCao infuses these ingredients into the chocolate to create a synergistic vehicle for delivering health, wellness, and presence to your experience as a human begin.

Each chocolate bar has a signature flavor with layers of depth and a cascading journey for your palette. Here are words we’ve heard from our customers:

DIRTY CHOCOLATE: coffee grinds, deep flowers, Tootsie Rolls, peppermint, licorice, fennel, tasty dirt, sweet earth.

KARMA MELLOWL: graham cracker, caramel, raspberries, nut buttery, “like nothing I’ve ever tasted”, turmeric, cinnamon, coriander.

GABA BABA: nut buttery, smooth, focused, salty, wild berries.

Sincerely folks, this is some Next Level Chocolate. Grab a bar, feel for yourself, and REMEMBER:


September 04, 2015


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Adventure is not knowing, and still going.


Lean Into It…

What adventures call you forth this month? Culture would have us believe that this is the Love Month, a time to present your heart as priority and celebrate an ancient Saint that championed romanticism (appropriate because Saint Valentine was a Roman saint). This month of February is a wonky one, with the shortest number of days compared to any other month, plus the added benefit of a...

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August 26, 2015


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Let's Talk Sugar


“The dose makes the poison.” - Paracelsus, circa 1525

As of February, 2013, we have yet to establish applicable standards for human sugar daily intake.  Check out your nearest Nutrition Facts panel on any food item and you’ll notice that we have no “% Daily Value (%DV)” for sugar. The FDA is commonly recognized as the authority on health standards, recommending percentages for Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Carbohydrates, and Vitamins. What about sugar?

Europeans were the first to introduce sugar to drinking chocolate in the year 1585*. Before that, the indigenous Central and South Americans would mainly infuse chili pepper for a spicy and bitter power-packed energy drink. The European evolution of chocolate has given us 3 common products enjoyed by humans internationally.

The photo above is one of my favorite visual depictions of the 3 main chocolate bars offered to the mainstream food world. Notice the breakdown:


25% Cocoa Butter

50% Sugar

25% Milk


40% Cocoa Product

40% Sugar

20% Milk


70% Cocoa Product

30% Sugar

Here’s the situation:

We’re told that dark chocolate is great for you.  There are even studies showing a lowering of blood pressure, improved metabolism, increase in cognitive ability, effective digestion of fats, and several other benefits that are in clinical trials as I type. The hinderance to all of these touted benefits is the addition of refined sugar, especially the bleached and high-heat processed crack that gets by as “sugar” these days. Don’t be fooled! Claim your right to the good stuff!

As you get wiser and demand healthier options, the market shifts and opportunities arise to bless your body, mind, and spirit. Anytime I’m at Whole Foods or health food stores and they ask at the register, “Did you find everything you were looking for?” I respond with, “I wish you had delicious chocolate bars without refined sugar. What can we do about this?” The inquiry is great for the cashier and lets the store know that the customers continue to want better and ever-evolving products. 

Yes CaCao chooses to use Cold-Pressed Chocolate, which is rich in flavor profile and full of nutritional density. Instead of adding refined sugar to mask the bitter notes of chocolate, we compliment the existing depth by adding ingredients that bring your palette to life. We also use all low glycemic sweeteners that are minimally processed and friendly (in both bioavailability and amount) to the liver, kidneys, and blood.

Yes CaCao Sweeteners

Coconut Palm Sugar - natural sap from coconut palm trees. Low glycemic and dehydrated at low temperatures, this sweetener is full of amino acids and minerals. The taste is not as sweet as traditional sugar, and has maple, caramel, and butterscotch notes.

Sun Dried Crystal Cane - highly mineralized cane sugar, grown in soil that has full spectrum minerals and vitamins transfered into the cane. When a food is grown with benevolent intention and respect to it’s ecosystem, it becomes a superfood and a medicine. We are excited for this sugar to become more widespread and available!

Stevia - a plant leaf with zero glycemic index. The leaves provide a front note of pleasing sweetness, but too much and the back note is un-nerving. The dosing is very sensitive, with a single bar requiring only 1/10 of a drop.

Yacon - a South American tuber with very low glycemic index and a smooth malty texture.

Yes CaCao Bar Breakdowns

Customers ask Yes CaCao what percentage cacao are the bars… to this we respond that our context is a bit different, as herbs*, superfoods*, tinctures*, spagyrics*, extracts*, medicinal mushrooms*, and teas* are infused and occupy the wholeness of the bars. Below are the percentages for Cacao, Sugar, and Medicine*


60% Cacao

18% Sugar (unrefined, low-glycemic, organic)

22% Medicine


41% Cacao Butter

24% Sugar (unrefined, low-glycemic, organic)

35% Medicine


68% Cacao

15% Sugar (unrefined, low-glycemic, organic)

17% Medicine


46% Cacao

15% Sugar (unrefined, low-glycemic, organic)

40% Medicine


74% Cacao

13% Sugar (unrefined, low-glycemic, organic)

13% Medicine

We are REALLY looking out for you here at Yes CaCao! Only organic ingredients and wild harvested goodness, and beyond that sugars that give delight to your palette without taxing your digestive, circulatory, nervous, and endocrine systems.

Guru Singh (a very wise and funny man) says, “Don’t sacrifice 6ft. of human for two inches of tongue.” Meaning, don’t eat junk that tastes good while harming your body. NOW you get delicious chocolate from Yes CaCao without compromise!

Order Chocolate Today and Taste The Difference:


March 18, 2015


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Breathing into Yes: Nodding Meditation

Breathing into Yes: Nodding Meditation.
Justin Frank Polgar, Minister of Chocolate

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March 18, 2015


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Marching into Meditation

Welcome to the middle of March! This month has momentum, magic, and movement. The Spring Equinox is approaching (Officially celebrated onMarch 20th-22nd), and our bodies are hungry to blossom into better versions of ourselves. This is a biological call patterned into our DNA, and a summoning of consciousness to rise, evolve, and risk breaking throughinto a new you.

Yes Life Tips - Breathing Into...

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January 27, 2014


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Our chocolate is single sourced in the high altitude mountains of Ecuador. These mountains are vibrant and lush and full of life. Biodiversity helps to maintain a high level of natural immunity in the trees where the chocolate comes from. Our chocolate is nourished by volcanic soil, meaning it has potent minerals that give strength and longevity to the health of the trees, the pods, the beans, and all the way to the consumer. The only water that feeds these wild trees is from natural springs and rainwater, which eliminates the necessary, yet neglected, step of filtering groundwater and well water for pesticides, poisons, and waste in farming operations.  The chocolate is grown far from towns and cities, so the air quality is pristine.

This is the ONLY certified Organic, Kosher, and Fair Trade* wild harvested chocolate available in the world. Every lot of beans goes through a careful inspection and testing by real chemists, on site, to insure that the cleanliness of the processing facility is kept above first world standards. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that most chocolate operations (in Africa and South America) are nestled in the heart of agricultural businesses, which creates toxic groundwater, degradation of air quality, and an abundance of opportunistic insects, viruses, and bacteria. The amount of poor quality and filthy chocolate that makes it’s way through brokers and distributors, into the hands of chocolate companies, then marked as “high quality” is astounding and upsetting. We initiated a direct trade system to insure we know who is handling our chocolate and where it goes every step of the way. Not only can you taste and feel the difference, you can see its cumulative effects in your body over time.