Cacao Paste (also called Liqueur)

Wild harvested from old growth trees in the Ecuadorian jungle. Nourished by nature, bird songs, and a bajillion microorganisms.

Arrives in the form of flat chips for easy use in small quantities. 

Avg. chip is approx. 1" diameter (2.5cm) and weighs 1g.

For those who enjoy the diverse complexity and depth of chocolate flavors, this Cacao Paste is a true treat!

*****Zero sugar*****

Suggested Uses:

  • Make Your Own Chocolate Concoctions
  • Hot Chocolate Beverages
  • Smoothies
  • Add to Coffee
  • Add to Oatmeal
  • Nutrient-Dense, High Energy Snack On-The-Go.
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    Make a Wish. Take a Bite.

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