Adventure is not knowing, and still going.


Lean Into It…

What adventures call you forth this month? Culture would have us believe that this is the Love Month, a time to present your heart as priority and celebrate an ancient Saint that championed romanticism (appropriate because Saint Valentine was a Roman saint). This month of February is a wonky one, with the shortest number of days compared to any other month, plus the added benefit of a leap year every 4th year (next year we leap!)… good thing we get plenty of chocolate and an opportunity to be supported by the cultural current, to lead with our hearts!

Yes! Lead with your heart! This is the medicine of being courageous! The word “COR” comes from Old French, and means Heart, and the “AGEOUS” means relating to. Being Courageous is relating to the heart. Both yours that theirs.

Announcement: Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages: By virtue of the #YesLife, you hereby have permission to rock out your February with a grand parade of COURAGE! Sing your heart’s desires through the microphone of your mouth; even if it just starts as a hum, be fearless in the expression of your love. Here is only now, and you’ve made it! All the what-if’s of your maybe’s are taking up too much space in your experience, and holding up the flow! Be bold and love big! Start in the mirror and praise up that beautiful being that resides effortlessly in the gaze of your eyes. Repeat often and share widely. Sharing is caring, and caring is cool.

May your month (and mouth) be filled with lovely surprises, and surprises of love.

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