Our chocolate is single sourced in the high altitude mountains of Ecuador. These mountains are vibrant and lush and full of life. Biodiversity helps to maintain a high level of natural immunity in the trees where the chocolate comes from. Our chocolate is nourished by volcanic soil, meaning it has potent minerals that give strength and longevity to the health of the trees, the pods, the beans, and all the way to the consumer. The only water that feeds these wild trees is from natural springs and rainwater, which eliminates the necessary, yet neglected, step of filtering groundwater and well water for pesticides, poisons, and waste in farming operations.  The chocolate is grown far from towns and cities, so the air quality is pristine.

This is the ONLY certified Organic, Kosher, and Fair Trade* wild harvested chocolate available in the world. Every lot of beans goes through a careful inspection and testing by real chemists, on site, to insure that the cleanliness of the processing facility is kept above first world standards. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that most chocolate operations (in Africa and South America) are nestled in the heart of agricultural businesses, which creates toxic groundwater, degradation of air quality, and an abundance of opportunistic insects, viruses, and bacteria. The amount of poor quality and filthy chocolate that makes it’s way through brokers and distributors, into the hands of chocolate companies, then marked as “high quality” is astounding and upsetting. We initiated a direct trade system to insure we know who is handling our chocolate and where it goes every step of the way. Not only can you taste and feel the difference, you can see its cumulative effects in your body over time.

Say YES and eat the WILD CACAO!


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