Interview with the Minister of Chocolate on the origins of YES Cacao.



Interview with YES Cacao Founder, Justin Polgar




Botanical chocolate bars from YES Cacao brought organic, raw, wild-harvested cacao from Ecuador into three formulas, offering a range of benefit claims in “food you can feel.” Adaptogens like lions mane, maca, reishi, shilajit, and tulsi join other interesting botanicals with Ayurvedic influence like turmeric and nootropic bacopa, plus blue lotus flowers, GABA, and kava for relaxation. All three balance sweetness with a blend of sugar and natural alternative sweetener lucuma and display gluten-free, kosher, low-glycemic, non-GMO, and Vegan Verified label indicators. [SPINS TRENDWATCH]

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Jewish News of Northern California

Say ‘YES’ to the Minister of Chocolate’s tasty herbal remedies

Based in Santa Cruz, Yes CaCao offers “functional chocolates,” meaning that in addition to providing that pleasure-seeking hit we all crave when we take a bite of chocolate, the product becomes a delivery mechanism for botanical remedies said to aid relaxation, endurance and memory. [READ MORE]



Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon Says Yes to Sustainable Chocolate from Yes Cacao

Danielle Bodnar February 16, 2018

YES coin collage

Chocolate company Yes Cacao is one of the latest companies that Blue Horizon has chosen to add to its investment portfolio this month. We need to rethink the way we make and consume chocolate – and Yes Cacao is doing just that.

Cacao is the primary ingredient found in some popular sweets: including brownies, candies, and fudge, just to name a few. Cacao is also often touted as a health food, rich in antioxidants and other nutrients to help keep your body healthy and mind sharp. But not just any chocolate bar contains all these nutrients. Yes Cacao takes this concept of cacao as a health food and has created three flavors meant to nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

The company uses chocolate as a nutrient delivery system, combining wild cacao with a blend of different herbs, flowers, and other ingredients to give you energy or calm your mind. The cacao that Yes Cacao uses is sourced from the wild by a team of 450 harvesters, so no destructive farms or plantations are required to produce the cacao. On top of that, all their chocolate is vegan, so no animals are harmed in the process, either. [Full Article]


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House of Citrine Botanical Chocolate Review

The first time we tried Yes Cacao we did a double take on the label because it's that good. Justin Polgar has created a wild crafted raw chocolate bar that is infused with an excellence of herbs. YES, Yes and Yes is his word of choice which is pressed throughout the entire bar. We got a chance to talk to the creator to learn more about the inspiration, composition and direction of Yes Cacao. [ INTERVIEW ]


Botanical Chocolate Review

Our Favorite Botanical Chocolate For The Holidays!



YesCacao- Botanical Chocolates For A More Delicious World

The other day I was honored and delighted to be able to try this DELICIOUS Herbal, Botanical, Fabulous, Medicine covered in CHOCOLATE!

    All ingredients are ORGANIC, and when that is not possible (for example: shilajit, which is an 85 mineral, fulvic and humic acid soil pitch, wild harvested in the Himalayan Mountains), we find wild harvested or therapeutic grade alternatives (read full review).


    Raw Vegan Living

    I love cacao, and I personally find it hard to find really good, gluten-free, raw vegan chocolates. Thus, I was SUPER excited when Yes CaCao came into my life, as my search for sacred, epic chocolate has FINALLY been solved! Yes CaCao chocolate bars are one of the BEST and most AMAZING chocolate bars on the market. I’m not just saying that either; I really mean it. There’s something magical about their chocolate bars that optimizes my mind, body, soul, and even my heart and third eye. Let me tell you about my Yes CaCao experience (read full review).



    Featured Tea Wayfarer, April 2015

    Great greetings my tea brothers and sisters!

    It is with enthusiastic pleasure that I write to you from Oakland, California. May my fingers weave the ink upon this page with as much grace and levity as tea leaves dancing in the steep of hot water. This morning is like many others before it, filled with the sounds of fire wooing water, slow waking breath, and of course, a river of cars outside rushing to work. My daily work begins with tea, thankfully.

    Like you, I am a student of tea, thirsty for the cups of wisdom that fill us and empty us. Wu De once told me that when passion and purpose are found, it is important to live in them deeply, so that the groove one digs in this life will be easier to find in the next. This rings true, deep into the stardust of my bones. I am grateful to find myself back in the role of alchemist and magician, this time healing the world through chocolate. Tea can be a warming beverage, or a medicine for consciousness,  just like chocolate can be a sweet treat, or an evolutionary messenger from the plant world (read full article).


    Interview with Cate Stillman, September 2014
    When it comes to chocolates I personally find it hard to find a really good vegan/gluten free chocolate. When Yes Cacao send me their cute, little chocolate bars I was rather skeptical, especially when I was checking the ingredients. The mix of ingredients seemed to be far away perfect from what I would like in my chocolate. But….. Yes, there is this “but” to the story.

    Made by Justin Polgar, a self-proclaimed genie/alchemist, Yes Cacao is raw, vegan chocolate infused with healing herbs (ayurvedic, Taoist, Amazonian), superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, crystal elixirs, flower essences, binaural beats, prayer, neural reprogramming frequencies and ... and ... and ... whew! Rich and complex, with layer after layer of earthy flavor and nuance, it's the perfect balance of chocolate and herb, untainted by a heavy-handed drenching of sweetener. It tastes — well, dirty — which is how it got its nickname, Dirty Chocolate. In addition to the standard Yes Cacao Dirty Chocolate blend, Polgar custom-blends individually designed batches of medicinal raw chocolate for a select handful of (very lucky) clients. He assesses the client in an hourlong shamanic healing session, during which he hones in on whatever alchemical support is necessary to best serve body, mind and spirit. He then blends the batches as guided, which often means waiting for the moon to wane, singing in cosmic tongues, or purveying a rare bark from a far-off edge of the planet. —Dani Katz