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Forget everything you thought you knew about cane sugar.

Nutrient-dense, mineral-rich, minimally processed to preserve natural enzymes, and hold a low glycemic index. 

When we found this CleanCane®, cultivated on a high elevation farm in Ecuador, we couldn't believe how gentle this sweetener landed in our bodies. How was this possible? Such deep, full-bodied flavor, without the disastrous effects of processed sugar, even evaporated cane is grown in depleted soil. We investigated the biological profile of cane sugar (Saccharum officinarum), and uncovered origin stories of how cane sugar was once used as an analgesic for babies... meaning it was calming. What had happened to sugar as it became more popular, more commodified, and grown at scale for the lowest common denominator: taste.

The flavor profile of CleanCane® pulls the sweetest elements of the earth onto your palate. The front end is welcoming, then the ambrosia sets in, layer upon layer of dulcet nectar, and the aftertaste coasts into the pleasant smile of satisfaction. 

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