Global Tea Hut Review of Yes Cacao

Like tea, chocolate is labor intensive, which means there are several opportunities to adore, revere, respect, and love each step of the process. When we give attention and reverence to a cup of tea, or a carrot, or a chocolate bar, the innate intelligence of the plant begins to sing to us. Every sip of tea, every bite of chocolate, is an opportunity to give thanks to the meta organismic ecosystem of the wild, that is “the farmer”.

This wander-guided education into chocolate has been deeply supported by my love of tea, and this tea community that is dedicated to learning with an open mind, a curious palate, and an encouraging heart. I must take a moment to thank Adam Yasmin for introducing me to tea as a ritual practice. I remember following him around Los Angeles, no matter what time of day or night, just for the opportunity to enjoy tea in the casual depth of gong fu style. I would find him, serving tea at 3am, tucked away in the corner of an underground party, walls vibrating with drum and bass, and there we were, peacefully smiling in grounded presence, tea cups cradled in our hands, observing the diversity of entertainment that is human behavior. Many nights and many steeps and many cups later, I have cultivated a deep respect for tea as my teacher. In 2010, Adam gave me a tea set for my birthday, which is now stained with stories, smiles, prayers, and deep insights of my belonging here and now. Yes!

I am honored to share Yes CaCao’s botanical chocolate bar, Gaba Baba, with the Global Tea Hut community this month. We use chocolate as a delivery system for botanical medicine, a vehicle for education, and a reason to praise with a big smiling “Yes!”. The Gaba Baba can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. We have stoneground the GABA tea, kava, turmeric, and blue lotus spagyric into this smooth and flavor-layered chocolate, to help you relax into your natural rhythm. The bars contain no refined sugar, no dairy, no soy, and no gluten. There is only one rule: MAKE A WISH and TAKE A BITE.

You are invited to explore our website and support our current campaign, “Feeling The Yes.” We appreciate the heavenly gaze of your eyes on these words, and when you find yourself in Oakland, please come by for a cup of tea and a bite of chocolate.

Like you, I love tea. Like tea, I love you.

Bless you, Yes you,

Justin Frank Polgar
Minister of Chocolate